Notes from the Chair


  We will neither grieve or complain; we must, instead, honor our volunteers and our candidates who, in an election in which it was open season on every candidate with a D next to their name on the ballot, Kennebec County has increased our delegation to the legislature by one, taking back a Senate seat which had been red for a decade and a House seat which had been red for four years. In addition, our volunteers collected over 12,000 signatures to support Medicaid expansion. Yes, I know the road ahead is not what we had hoped it would be, but we will be stronger together by uniting our hope and our efforts going forward. Feel proud or your work, and know it is not finished.


As always, we need your time and your money. To volunteer your time, just contact me, To do donate money through our secure Act Blue site, go to Act Blue at:

The most convenient way is through a smaller monthly donation through a credit card; $20 a month is just about the cost of a large pizza and soda, but it will provide the support our volunteers need so very much.



Rita Moran, chair, Kennebec County Democratic Committee



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