Maine Links
Kennebec Dems on Facebook
Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
Congressman Mike Michaud
Maine Democratic Party
State of Maine: eDemocracy
Maine Senate Democrats - News, Updates
Maine House Democrats - News, Updates
Our Democratic Legislators and Candidates
Kennebec County Government

National Links
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Democratic National Committee

Political Blogs
Dirigo Blue
Pam's House Blend...always steamin'!
Huffington Post Politics
Daily Kos
Political Wire

Video Sites
Democracy Now
The Big Picture, with Thom Hartmann
The Big Picture, with Thom Hartmann
Thinking Big
Free Speech TV
Link TV
RT Television
The Real News
Go Left TV
Deutch Welle
Al Jazerra English
The White House Chronicles

Audio Sites
Maine Politics - Bigtalk
The Breakdown from The Nation Magazine
Grit Radio (Nation Magazine)
Background Briefing with Ian Masters
Ring of Fire Radio
The Commonwealth Club
Earthbeat Radio
Electric Politics
Left, Right and Center
Blast the Right
The Monitor
The Progressive Forum
Jim Hightower's Common-Sense Commentaries
Progressive Radio
Peter B Collins Show
Media Matters with Bob McChesney


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